Kids will enjoy making this mini Tent using straws and tissue paper, and when they see it glow at night with the LED Tea Light they will love it even more! 

This paper straw and tissue paper tent looks beautiful when it glows with a flameless LED Tea Light. Kids will have fun using the straws, and tissue paper to construct it!


Supplies needed:

Craft Tools

  • 1 Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paint brush

 Helpful information

Skills children can develop from this activity:

  • Measuring and cutting – Young kids will probably need help with measuring and cutting the straws. You may help them with this, or prepare the straws in advance for them to use.
  • Memory, Communication and knowledge & Understanding If your child has been camping you can use this activity to trigger memories of the occasion by encouraging them to talk about what they did. You can encourage all kids to talk about what they know about tents, how they are put up and camping in general. This activity can be used to talk about everything related to camping from, making tents, to the contents of back packs, and all camping equipment. There’s lots that children can learn from this project!
  • Problem Solving Kids can work out how to construct the tent using the straws and tissue paper. They will have lots fun doing this!



Cut 4 pieces of paper straw – 8 cm in length each. Press them with your fingers to flatten them. Stick 2 pieces together using Mod Podge to make a V shape as shown (when doing this – be sure to check that it will fit onto the rock), then cut and stick white tissue paper to it. Do the same with the other 2 pieces. Cut 2 more pieces of straw to stick to the bottom of the triangle.

Stick the two pieces of straw to the bottom of the triangles using Mod Podge. Cut a small slit in the tissue paper of one of the triangles. Stick the triangles onto the rock. Cut a piece of straw to fit across the top of the triangles. Stick it top of the triangles as shown. Cut a small square of brown craft paper to fit in between the triangles – this is the sleeping mat.

Cut a large piece of orange tissue paper to go over the top of the tent. Measure and cut it so that it fits nicely over the tent (This bit is a little tricky: use a pencil to mark where to cut the tissue paper). Stick it onto the top tent with Mod Podge. Stick 3 corners of the tent onto the rock: the fourth unstuck corner will be a flap for the flameless LED Tea Light to go through.

The tent is now complete, and ready for the tea light!

Add the Flameless LED Tea Light to watch it glow at night. Beautiful!

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