Super excited to share this craft project with you. Kids will love making this shape monster house for their little shape monsters to go in, and then playing the trick or treat game afterwards. The game itself can be played with one or more children: and the good thing is, it can be played all year round – not just for Halloween!


Supplies needed


Paint the Tea bag box white. I used Graduate white acrylic paint for this part, because I didn’t have a washable white paint. If you’re happy not to use a washable white paint, I have provided a link to the one I used. I’ll leave the choice up to you! 

When the box is dry, paint it purple and let it dry. 

Stick shapes with markings onto the box to make it look like a house. Young kids will need help with drawing and cutting, but they can stick it on to the house.

Kids can talk about the shapes and colours they are using when doing this part.

Layout ten Jumbo popsicle sticks. Cut out ten shapes for them, and draw monster faces onto the shapes. Again young kids will need help with this, but as you are doing it: they can talk about the shapes you are using, and they can stick the shapes onto the sticks. When they are all dry, they can practice counting the sticks.

For this part – someone other than the child will do. Choose five shape monsters (or however many you like) Stick sweets to the bottom with sellotape. If doing this activity with a mix of children, don’t forget to check for allergies before using sweets or chocolate. You can always use other things such as mini toys, rubbers…whatever you like.

On the other five – write on the sticks with a fine black tip pen- instructions of where to find the other five sweets. For e.g., In the Lego box. In a cupboard. Under a cushion. It’s important that the kid’s don’t see this! haha!

Tear large pieces of newspaper, scrunch them up (kids will enjoy this!) and put them in the box.

Put the ten shape monsters into the box. Kids can now play the trick or treat monster shape game! Ask each child to pick a shape. They will either pick one with a sweet attached to the popsicle stick or there will be an instruction written on it as to where to find their sweet (good for reading skills and problem solving.) Happy Halloween!

How to adapt this activity

This activity can be adapted by for e.g., all the popsicle sticks having different sweets or chocolates on them – there will still be an element of surprise when the children see which one they have. Also you could do it so that all the sticks have instructions as to where to find the sweets or chocolate.

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