Halloween is nearly here, and there’s just so much fun to be had during this holiday when it comes to crafting! This Good witch is made using card, felt and yarn – once finished it will look fabulous on a wall, and not too scary for Halloween time! 

What's good about this project

  • Halloween witches don’t have to be scary, they can be kind, and good hearted like this one who doesn’t cast bad spells only good ones!
  • Kids can choose different coloured card, felt and yarn, and do any face they like on their witch.
  • Children have the opportunity to say the colours they want to use and/or pick the colours out.
  • For kids who are confident with drawing, and using scissors they can draw and cut out the shapes themselves – or this can be done before by someone else for younger children or for those who need help with this.
  • Kids will have loads of fun with this activity!


What’s needed to make this Halloween Witch:

Draw and cut out the shapes you will be using for the witch on card. Green for the head and hands. White for the hat, skirt and stockings. Brown for the book. Yellow for the star. Young kids may need help with the drawing and cutting with this activity.

Place the hat and skirt shape on the felt pieces, and cut them out.

Add markings to the shapes using your felt tips. I initially used a fine black pen to write the letters on the book, then I went over the letters with the black felt tip pen, to make it stand out. Older kids can do the writing and drawing themselves.

Spread craft glue all over the black piece of card, then sprinkle with the gold confetti glitter (star shaped). Let it dry completely. Stick the face and hair (pink yarn) onto the card. Be sure to place all the pieces where you intend to stick them first before sticking the head down, so that you can see there’s enough space for all the pieces, and no gap left between the end of the stockings and black card.  

Use Mod Podge to stick down the pieces. Let it dry completely. Now this Good witch is ready to be displayed!

Be careful when spreading glue to the back of the pieces with your paintbrush. Do this around the edges of your pieces and apply a thin layer – especially to the card –  otherwise the glue will seep through: this happened to the blue skirt on my witch! which is good because now I can pass on the advise!  

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