This Caterpillar is hungry for some sweets! It’s easily made using tea light holders. Kids can practice counting the sweets for their Caterpillar, and it will look nice and colourful when finished.


What's good about this activity

This activity is for children aged 5 +. You can use it to talk about caterpillars – Perhaps it could be part of a caterpillar and butterfly theme.

Kids can also talk about the shape of the tea light holders and skittles (circle and round) and about the colour of the skittles they are using.

Once the caterpillar is made: Kids can practice counting the correct amount of skittles to go in the tea light holders and number recognition.

It would be great to use this sweet caterpillar at a kids party!



Paint four of the tea light holders apple green inside and outside, and one of them on the outside only. Let it dry completely.

Place one of the tea light holders on a piece of card. Draw around it and cut it out. Paint it apple green. Let it dry. Create the caterpillar face, then cut and use a pipe cleaner to stick to the head.

Stick all the tea light holders together in the shape of a caterpillar. I used Mod Podge to do this. It will take some time to dry. If you prefer – you can stick the tea light holders onto a piece of card instead. 

Once dry – draw numbers onto the base of the tea light holders, and pour skittles into a small bowl. 

Kids can now look at the number of skittles needed for each tea light holder:  practice counting them, and place them into the correct holders. 

This hungry caterpillar is now full!

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